We specialize in the creation of exceptional parties and offer off-site catering arrangements for parties, bringing an authentic and unique touch of flavors to your personal party. We have a professional team that will see through all food arrangements according to your taste, requirements, and needs. Not only that, but we also offer a pocket-friendly budget so you can enjoy and create beautiful memories tension free. The menus we offer for each event or party are crafted with quality, locally sourced products, inclusive standards, and sustainable practices.

Meetings & Events

We specialize in arranging exceptional meetings, events, or corporate clients. We design, plan, and manage every project from commencement to execution. Likewise, we can create customized events that will reflect the brand personality of each client or community. Whether it’s a family event, a surprise event, a product launch, a company gathering, or a social gathering, we will work to create an experience with fine quality food, beer, and drinks. We will get every detail right on your most important day! We’re with you every step of the way to ensure a flawless event.


Whether you are planning a social gathering, birthday party, or special social event, don’t stress for one minute! Contact us at Bar 10 so that we can help you plan your flawless event or party with the best catering services. We understand our client’s requirements and value the importance of organizing a special experience for you and your valued guests. We offer customized catering services that will fit your budget according to each client’s needs and requirements.


You might be thinking that planning a wedding reception will be an easy task, but in reality, organizing a wedding event can be the most hectic and time-consuming work. The most important thing at any event, party, or wedding is food, and you don’t want to mess this up. Hire professional caterers at BAR10 and choose from several sample menus at different price points, or you can just customize your menu that will best fit the biggest day of your life. We offer versatility so that the menu appeals to many different tastes. With us, you can focus on your big day and let us take care of your guest’s appetite.

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